How to Plan a Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Vacation

In my attempt to learn the art of packing, I have come across the concept of a ‘capsule wardrobe’.  I think that this post by Lady Light Travel summaries a travel capsule wardrobe perfectly. The post is also an excellent step by step guide to packing light whilst staying fashionable. I’m definitely going to be using these tips and tricks, and I think this post is definitely something that should be shared with others… 🙂

Lady Light Travel

Travel capsule wardrobes are one of the five key principles of light travel.  A capsule has clothing that works in a variety of situations and will also fit into a carry on. All of the pieces coordinate with each other and combine for different looks. They will also layer together to control temperature variation. This tutorial provides guidance (not rules) for planning a wardrobe. Modify this to fit your own personal needs.

This tutorial contains the following sections:

  • An overview of the capsule wardrobe philosophy
  • Step by Step process for creating a capsule
  • An example capsule wardrobe with extender pieces
  • A suggested packing list for a capsule wardrobe
  • Notes on shopping your closet

An overview of the capsule wardrobe philosophy

Capsule wardrobes are small, light, and portable.  You can’t take all of your clothing so you’ll need to consider the following as you plan out your wardrobe:

  • Don’t try to plan for all “what-if”…

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